The 2017 Schedule


Wednesday October 4
7:00pm              Meet and Greet    Reading of the Law (Daily – Ladies encouraged to participate.)

Thursday October 5
Sermon: Jeremy Waites

Friday October 6
2:00pm                                            Sermon: Paul Syltie

 Sabbath October 7

Sunday October 8

2:00pm                            Sermon: Justin Hus

Monday October 9

10:30am                           Sermon: Travis Stotts

 Tuesday October 10

10:30am                            Sermon: Steve Greer

 Wednesday October 11

10:30am                             Sermon: Jim Earls

 Thursday October 12

11:00am         Last Great Day     Sermon: Paul Syltie

Activities and Notes

Reading of the Law (Daily – Ladies encouraged to participate.)
Meet and Greet
7:00 PM (Previous Evening)
Chili Night
– 6:30pm


 Pizza Night – 6:30pm

 Building rented by others. Bible Study 2:00 pm – Location TBD

 Hot Dogs & Hamburgers – 6:00pm Bible Study

After Dinner and Clean Up.

Loaded Baked Potatoes – 6:30pm


Mexican Food Night – 6:30pm

Leftover Potluck – Bring what-cha got – 6:30pm

 Last Great Day Potluck – Following Services


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