Feast of Tabernacles 2023

Welcome to the Feast of Tabernacles.

We will be keeping the Feast of Tabernacles this year beginning at sunset September 29th through October 7th. Check back in the future for updates.

Click Here for park website to book Campsites, Hotel Rooms, or Cabins

This years schedule has not yet been finalized

The Tabernacle Group invites you to attend the Feast of Tabernacles in beautiful Sequoyah State Park near Wagoner, Oklahoma.

September 30-October 7, 2023

Our History

Sequoyah State Park has hosted a Feast of Tabernacles since 1988 and has always been considered an ideal location for God’s children to experience the “coming out of the world” aspect that the Feast envisions.

In 2010, a scheduling conflict required the Host Organization that had provided the Site to move to a new location.

Your Hosts have been camping, either in tents or campers at this Feast Site since the 1980s, and being somewhat renegades, we did not want to leave the beauty and peaceful environment that Sequoyah offers and felt capable of providing an environment that Our Father would bless. And HE has.

Our desire was to provide for the family and encourage children of all ages to participate in the Feast.  35 souls attended our first year beating our expectations.

2022 will be our 13th year and we expect even more blessings as we study The Word, fellowship in breaking of bread, and spending time around the campfires.

We have extended Bible Studies and our personal interactions have increased our fellowship in love and knowledge.

We never know what to expect but know and trust The Eternal will provide for our needs.

If an intimate association with a smaller congregation appeals to your needs and desires, the Feast of Tabernacles at Sequoyah State Park is a great place to be.

“Welcome to the Feast of Tabernacles”


  1. Katie Kroger · · Reply

    Hello! I just saw this and remembered we have been here years ago. My mother and I are looking for a place to go with our small dog. Please give me any information you have.

    1. Not a problem if you are camping. If you need other accommodations ie. hotel or cabins, contact the Lodge at Sequoyah or other hotels in the area

      1. John Rose · ·

        We camped down with you back when ,I believe “Mrs.Noah” gave wonderful Sabbath Bible Classes for our children 1980’s for cgi.
        Unfortunately, someone decided to stop her, least she confuse the children.
        They just should have had her tell the children that , I am not the Real Mrs. Noah but pretending that I am for Bible fun- and carry on
        Only saw her once – but really missed her.
        While there we saw the “Trail of Tears” where 1/4 of 5 Florida Indian tribes were take out in dead of and allowed to freeze and Starve to Death by 1 of : not God’s People nor Man’s People , but I “think” Satan’s People/ President Democrat who also may have also brutalized his slaves.
        Our 7? Year old daughter also got to ride an elephant around a small circus with other children.
        Over the years , we have seen and met everyone else of our /God’s people families , but I never forgot you.

        See Youtube’s believe it or not, world’s first, Bi-dexterous#8 : Bion Bible Torah
        (Which is now in Exodus 31).
        I plan to move from killer cold mn winter that sink great ships in the not so “great” lakes and even a 1955 mn Summer Great Blizzard that killed all those bambi hunters in shorts- and retire in Branson,mo to write out the world’s first, Bi-dexterous#8 4 Gospels for some small Christian bookstore and give out the visitors their very own favorite, Bi-dexterous#8 written Bible verses for free just for dropping by.

        See Youtube’s funny: Christ’s 2 foot 10 Commandments
        and Amish Paradise

  2. Linda Lee · · Reply

    Hello, looking for a group to join FOTabernacles my first time. I will be in a ⛺. What is your Church affiliations as the sponsor overall? Shalom

    1. Linda, we are unaffiliated as a Feast Site. Some of the attendees meet with corporate churches on a weekly basis, (CGI, UCG, etc), others meet in small independent congregations and some in home churches. Most of us camp in tents or campers, some stay at the Lodge or hotels. You will enjoy the experience if you meet with us, we do a lot of bible studies and enjoy many Fellowship meals during the week. Hope to see you there.

  3. John M. Rose · · Reply

    About 30 years ago we took our kids to and camped at that nice lake feast site in Wagoner, Ok and our kids met a “Misses Noah” who did a great Feast Sabbath school. Our oldest 9? year old girl got to ride an elephant at a small circus there. Now she is a nurse for newborn babies in St. Paul, mn and has our 4 grandchildren. A church of God man brought his big flat boat to the lake and was giving free rides for the feast people there. We also camped on the lake next to an Assembly of Yahweh family who came to this feast. For a suggestion for family night at this feast, you could do 1. a talent show and videos and still pictures memories from last years or past? FOTs. 2.Show funny youtube videos like Amish Paradise and Christ’s 2 foot 10 Commandments and Bion Bible Torah. 3. Fun all family movies like Ratatulley etc and free drinks and popcorn. May God Yah be with you all.

    1. We have planned a bowling night and an afternoon river float on the Illinois River. Also, there will be some sing-alongs around the campfires. Besides almost every night a potluck fellowship meal. John Rose, our group is much smaller than it was 30 years ago.

  4. Scott Merrill · · Reply

    We are wanting to attend the Feast with you all this year. Is there a certain area to reserve a tent spot, to be close to one another?

    1. Scott, Most of us camp at Cherokee, the have some tent sites but I did not see them on the App. Choctaw and Creek campsites have tent sites but are a couple miles away. A few years ago the water was high and some campgrounds were closed. They let us set up on a grassy area in Cherokee campground. I’d call the park office and see what can be arranged. Here is the phone number 918-772-2046

  5. Geetings! Looks like a wonderful event. Is there a pre-registration and fee involved? Thank you for all your efforts to host these feasts year after year.

    1. No reservation required, just show up. There are no fees to attend but you must provide your own accommodations, whether camping or hotels.
      We have multiple potluck meals during the 8 days, otherwise any other meals, your on your own.
      Note: The Indian Lodge (about 2.5 miles from the Park entrance) has discounted rates, just let them know you are with The Tabernacle Group.

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